New Members Information

So What is Karate?!


If you are thinking about coming by our dojo (training hall) and having a go at karate, that's fantastic!! Here are a few common questions asked by first time students:


What is Karate?

Karate is a Japanese martial art that teaches it's students a variety of skills & techniques. Techniques usually involve kicking, punching and blocking. Skills include attitude, respect, confidence, balance, physical fitness & much, much more! For more detailed information, please click here


What do you do in a karate class?

This does change from lesson to lesson and also changes depending on the type of class (kids, adults, beginners, etc..), however a general lesson consists of:

Kihon (basic karate techniques)

Kumite (safe, pre-designated, karate sparring)

Kata (sequences of karate techniques performed in a set order)


When do I arrive?

Once you have chosen a class, simply arrive around 10 minutes before the starting time so you can have a quick chat with us before starting.

There is no need to make a booking, we are happy to accomodate for new students on the night!


How much does it cost?

The first four sessions are completely free for new students, so don't hesitate to come along and give it a go! After four sessions, the cost per session is only $5, plus an $80 annual insurance & membership fee. 


What do I need to wear?

When you start out, simply wear comfortable, stretchy pants/shorts and a comfortable t-shirt. We can organise a dogi (karate unifrom) once you have joined up. 


What do I need to bring?

A drink bottle is definitely a good idea and perhaps a sweat towel as well.